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2016-02-11 11:27:21
The Not so Official Launch


A few months ago, I decided to put my various writing projects on the back burner and dive into a new career - real estate! Once I started to research the industry, I came to the realization that 99% of realtors on the Interwebs are, quite frankly, boring as all hell. Lots produce content, but almost all of the content reads like it was written by the same people that write toaster oven instructional menus.
I can do better.
A LOT better.
My goal with this project is pretty simple - I want to leverage my experiences as a blogger to give my audience a forum to learn and discuss all aspects of the real estate world, which includes topics like:
  • The home buying and selling process,
  • Home improvement,
  • A behind the scenes look at real estate as a career,
  • An actual entertaining explanation of boring topics like finance, escrow, laws, taxes, or finding the perfect house for your pet ferret,
  • Local attractions and business reviews in the San Diego area,
... and a million other topics. Have ideas, questions, or feedback? Leave a comment.
Stay tuned, new content will be coming soon!
- Jason Robillard
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2016-02-11 11:27:21
The Not so Official Launch

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