"Damain did an excellent job listing and selling our duplex in Pacific Beach. Within 72 hours he was able to bring in 3 offers to purchase our property, and did an excellent job negotiating the details with the buyers' agent. Thanks to Damian we obtained a fair market price for our property, and we closed escrow in two weeks".

"Mr. Lyon was very knowledgeable and a great help throughout the entire process. Most importantly, he had a very friendly and respectful attitude and never came off as pushy or curt. He made the entire process of looking for and buying a home easy and much less stressful than I imagined it would be. Would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a new home".

"Damain Lyon was very helpful, kind, and cooperative during a very stressful time. We had to short sale our condo and he was there every step of the way, answering a million questions and reassuring all my fears".

"Damian was a pleasure to deal with. very quick to get things done, highly recommend his expertise. Very professional".

"I was 100% upside down on my home and I owed over $20,000 in HOA fees (the HOA had already taken me to court to try to collect from me). I had previously tried three of the “top” realtors in the area. Each had a strong offer and couldn’t find a way to close it since the HOA fees needed to be paid before closing. I felt going to foreclosure was going to be unavoidable. I had given up already until Damian Lyon came along very confidently telling me he would get it done no problem. I wasn’t very confident as other realtors were telling me it would be a waste of their time to list it. One realtor I caught deferring the buyers to other properties which I learned through experience is a norm with upside down properties. Damian's know how and persistence got the job done. It's nice to have someone like Damian who had my best interest in mind for a change and unlike with other realtors he was on top of everything constantly giving me updates".

"I strongly recommend Damian Lyon to everyone. They succeeded where many other realtors tried and failed". Yours truly, FERNANO MICHELSON

"Damian has extensive market knowledge and was very instrumental in helping us make our decision of selling our home.  He was also a great asset because of his familarity with the plethora of laws and potential opportunities out there in the real estate world.  Because of Damian we received a $3,000 check when we closed escrow!  We had consulted with various other realtors prior to deciding who to go with and not one of them presented us with this option.   If you want to receive prompt, professional service along with broad market knowledge and a realistic point of view, I highly suggest you hire Damian Lyon as your realtor.  We are happy we did ! "


"Damian is without a doubt the best in San Diego when buying a new home. Damian's honesty, professionalism, and service is something you can't find in any agent. From the first initial contact to the closing of our home has been a great experience. He treats you like his only client & makes you his priority. He is quick to address any concerns or issues along the way & explains everything so you understand it. Anytime we had questions, Damian got back to us immediately & he made us feel at ease every time. I HIGHLY recommend Damian to handle the buying or selling of your home. You will not be disappointed ! Thank you Damian for being the best out there !!! "